The toys and games we believe in

We realize that there is huge potential for sourcing new ideas inside, as well as outside our organization. Therefore we are open to ideas from people outside of Goliath. We highly cherish our inventor relations. We encourage existing and new inventors to contact our inventor relations.

Before an invention or idea solidifies into a Goliath toy or game, they have to go pass our selection procedure. Our products are selected through great care and meet following requirements:

  • The item is a new and innovative game or toy.
  • The item differentiates itself from others, because of which its selling proposition is unique.
  • The item’s price perception/acceptance threshold is reasonable: the product looks like value for its money.
  • The item is able to reach a wide audience (though we understand the possible wideness of the target audience is product-dependent).
  • The item has a long-life appeal: it looks qualitatively strong and a “let’s play again” effect is highly present.
  • The item must harbor the potential to be marketed in a clear attention-grabbing (marketing) method.
  • The item looks and is safe (when tested).
  • The item seems feasible to make and requires a reasonable investment, and in accordance with the above.

Does your invention meet the above criteria? Please complete our online inventor relation form.



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